Z-ARC Systems Resurfacing Unit “Ice Clider”

Product Name: Z-ARC Systems Resurfacing Unit “Ice Clider”

Serial Number: 11879019

What costs 20,000 bits and burns fossil fuels so we can play Hockey? If you answered with “Zamponi” then you’re probably a Hockey enthusiast, or maybe just a fan of huge lumbering machines that are as old as dinosaurs.

Modern attempts on the Zamponi model always wind up consuming enormous amounts of energy. This is because the ice has to be scraped, peeled, washed, and then reconditioned with heat by a giant machine the size of a dozen ponies.

Z-ARC Systems approached us with a design and a lot of enthusiasm, but a lack of technical knowledge. After two years of prototyping, trial and error, and a lot of tears, the ‘Ice Clider’ was born.

Nicknamed after a mishap involving a power-drill and a set of skates with dulled blades, the Clider is designed to do exactly what a Zamponi does for 1/1000th the energy cost. The exact mechanics are, protected by patent laws of course, but the general gist is the same as it was for the Zamponi: The Clider slides across the ice while resurfacing it. What the Clider does differently is the cleaning process. The hollow limbs of the Clider contain over 30,000 micro-filters which prevent the shaved ice from needing to be treated, and the electric power cells in the core of the device melts the ice as it passes.

Once the ice is melted, the rear legs spray it as they pass and the ice is quickly resurfaced. An onboard AI monitors ice levels and makes additional sweeps as necessary.

Municipal authorities have also made extensive use of Ice Cliders but for opposite reasons, as they prefer to use Clider teams to slice the ice at a microscopic level instead of resurfacing it. The result is ice on sidewalks that is no longer slippery, without requiring gravel, salt, or sand to be spread on it.

Thanks to the ERI’s work with Z-ARC on the Ice Clider, winter snowstorms are far less hazardous and the Zamponi can take its rightful place in the museums of the Crystal Empire.

Note from Vivid: If you found this page by searching for “what are those things that clean the ice after second period?’ then now you know. If you’re wondering what the robots are that build those cool ice forts, those are IceSynth 3000’s. We make those too.