Windigoes and You!

Windigoes and You! An Infographic, by ERI.

Product Name: Windigoes™ (Cryogenic Atmosphere Reclaimers)

Serial Number: 11876703

Early in the 22nd century, Equestria’s climate began taking a turn for the worse. While experts argue back and forth, they unite around the fact that the sources are primarily artificial. Carbon emissions, ozone depletion, and ocean acidification threaten more destructive and extreme trends in our global climate.

At ERI, and throughout Equestria, we’ve done our best to minimize the environmental impact of technology. However, current efforts project that the reversal might take decades, and so we’re excited to announce our new cryogenic atmosphere reclaimer modules, named the Windigoes™ (after their striking resemblance to the creatures of myth and lore). Powered by our state-of-the-art cryosystems, these modules are able to quickly trigger freezing effects and can be used to stabilize conditions in arctic, antarctic, and alpine regions.

Thanks to government and partner support, they are scheduled to be deployed into the atmosphere later this year and will provide the edge we need to effectively halt the deterioration of our global environment.

Everypony here at ERI is proud that our Windigoes™ will be an important part of the climate change solution for Equestria, and the world!