Behind the Minds: Welcome to ERI

“To secure the equitable future of all sentient beings in Equestria and beyond through judicious use of machine and mind.”

So sets forth the mission of the Equestrian Robotics Initiative. We are the premier company in the fields of science, engineering, and applied robotics; nearly 50% of all currently operating independently-motile labour devices were either designed by the ERI, built by the ERI, or had ERI specialists consulting during their construction. We are pushing science further for the betterment of ponykind.

Founded by Dr. T. Light, or more commonly known as “Dr. Light”, the ERI has sought to work closely with like-minded individuals and governments to help both Equestria and the world at large. Though a large amount of our funding is from government contracts and grants, the ERI was, is, and always shall be independently financed. Despite our insistence on independence, we desire nothing more than educating policy-makers on the responsible choices for Equestria’s future.

We develop Artificial Intelligences and Service Robots for all sorts of applications across Equestria. We develop the watches you wear, the artificial limbs that help handicapped ponies walk again, and the A-22 series cleaning Whitetail Reservoir. The E-2 that helped your grandmother cross the street bears our seal, and the SFR-7 which monitors her blood sugar was developed in our labs. From the simplistic E-9 and E-10 models that clean your sewage pipes and clear your driveway in winter to the labyrinthine C.E.L.E.S.T.I.A. Mainframe and its companion LUNA-3 Module, we’ve had a hoof in every corner of modern history.

The ERI’s first contracts were the re-purposing of military robots left over from the second world war, most of which were derelict and unfit for civilian use. Currently serving as guards for both historical monuments and the newly-restored Canterlot Royal Museum (formerly the Canterlot Royal Palace), these devices prove that the application of machinery is as much a mental exercise as it is a moral one. Some examples of former military-grade technology that has been re-purposed are:

  • E-67 Land-Combat Drone, serving as guards at over 300 historical sites throughout Equestria.
  • P-97 “Airstrike” Aerial Droid, now assisting Weather Control teams and participating in the U of C’s exciting climate research on harnessing the power of tornadoes.
  • U-71 Special Forces Unit, now serving as mechanical combat units protecting the Equestrian High Council.

We are at the head of the Ponyville Rehabilitation Project (est. 2135). Once a sprawling slum rife with crime and poverty, Ponyville now seeks to become a leader in Equestria’s burgeoning manufacturing sector. We are the chief designers in the construction and maintenance robots that are leading Ponyville to a brighter, happier tomorrow. Our partners and subsidiaries provide the AI’s which direct traffic and conduct cleaning, and currently have provided Ponyville with over 30,000 highly paid tech-sector jobs plus many more in the service sector. Thanks to the primary AI (nicknamed “Mayor Do-Well” by our staff) in charge of priorities and task assessment, Ponyville is now ranked #3 in Forne’s annual “Cleanest Cities” list, when ten years ago it could only dream of being in the top 100. Our revolutionary advances have made the city clean, self-sufficient, and safe.

Though based in Canterlot, the ERI maintains branches in every major city in Equestria. We currently operate the weather systems in Cloudsdale with the partnership of Cloudsdale’s city council, providing rainwater to much of the so-called “dust-bowl” in southern Equestria. Our environmental analysts currently oversee the limited logging of the Everfree National Forest to preserve wildlife habitats and biodiversity while still supporting local economies and providing resources. Rambling Rock Hills, once thought to be totally unusable due to uranium-laced dusts after the bolide impact, is currently being processed by our E-series Miner robots. Whitetail Reservoir is currently being cleaned by our A-22 series filters and is expected to become habitable again within 30 years. We also oversee the Smokey Mountain smelting and refinery centers, which process and retire old machines to provide materials for better, newer robots.

Though we are a household name in many places in Equestria, our core team is not very large. We rely on the help of the citizens themselves to execute our plans while we keep our design teams small, efficient, and focused. Our R&D department, despite consisting of only 100 driven individuals, is the envy of the world.

Led forward by Dr. Light, we are pushing ponykind towards its future, one day at a time