PS67 “Sentinel”, i.e. “How much I hate all you people”

The name’s Jay. Vivid forced me to write this for you to read. Dunno why. It’s not like anyone cares about the robots I make. Anyways, this is the sentinel bot.

PS67 "Sentinel"

Product Name:  PS67 “Sentinel”

Serial Number: 11875416

In recent years, Equestria has been facing an increase in poaching and illicit dumping of waste products in its broad swathes of pristine forest. The government of Equestria has stepped up measures to curb these activities, but the sheer amount of ground to cover is too large for even the fastest Pegasus to patrol all alone. Estimates are that 95% of the forests are unprotected by current staff levels, and ponypower is always too low.

Enter the ERI’s PS67 Sentinel robot. Designed from the ground up to meet this unique challenge, the Sentinel is capable of spending 72 hours in the air before landing to resupply. During this time it is capable of speeds in excess of 30 kilometers per hour, and its stabilizers allow it to hover safely at nearly any elevation regardless of inclement weather.

Most importantly, PS67 Sentinels are cheap and easy to maintain.  The Sentinel is equipped with one anti-grav tether, a miniaturized electric flight engine (See the document concerning the EAM7 for more information), and a high-resolution optic sensor.  The on-board AI of the Sentinel is programmed to patrol along set paths or randomly, and will investigate activity it believes may be illict.

Should the Sentinel identify illegal activity, it can transmit its optic feed directly to a station up to 600 kilometers away, which can then scramble rangers to intercept the wrong-doers.  Further, the video feed can be used as evidence for their eventual prosecution.

The PS67 is one of many parts of the ERI’s ongoing commitment to the safety and sanctity of our environment.  We only have one earth to share between us, and thanks to the PS67, law-enforcement can keep that division equal.


Due to a tendency of the flight engine’s shielding to malfunction in damp conditions, close contact with the PS67 is not recommended unless it is in a powered-down state.  ERI technicians are working to resolve this minor setback, hopefully to allow the PS67 to be used in populated areas.