Z-ARC Systems Synthetic Quadroid Ice Synthesis Unit “Ice Thrower”

Product Name: Z-ARC Systems Synthetic Quadroid Ice Synthesis Unit

Serial Number: 11879020

Originally designed explicitly to maintain glacial mass on the peaks of mountain ranges, the ‘Ice Thrower’ unit never actually served that purpose. Over 300 were manufactured before the considerably more efficient ‘Windigoes’ units burst onto the scene.

A few hundred units were produced and suddenly had no use. Dr. Cryo (head of R&D at Z-ARC) and I were preparing to scrap them when Jay came up with another use: Entertainment. Frankly, we don’t do the amusements bit very much here at the ERI. It seemed like such a waste to just recycle them, so I let Jay take a crack at reprogramming them.

The results are what you see today if you’ve ever visited the winter carnival in the Crystal Empire. The famous ‘Tower of Ice’ was designed by Jay and is constructed each year by over 100 ‘Ice Thrower’ units. To do this, they begin synthesizing the ice as soon as the temperature dips below freezing each year.

Ice Thrower

These units are also sometimes used in warmer climates to provide on-the-spot refrigeration without requiring the transportation of extremely heavy cooling equipment. Also, about two-dozen of the ‘Ice Thrower’ units are currently performing emergency cooling activities for organ transports between hospitals throughout Equestria.

All that would have never come to pass, and these machines would have been consigned to the scrap heap, if one pony didn’t have a great idea at the last minute. It just goes to show that ideas, not force, are the way to a better future.