Everfree After-Action Reports

I am not affiliated with ERI in any sense of the matter. But I have been tracking Light’s investigation into the Everfree events, and even she can’t escape her bindings. Therefore, over the past couple days, I’ve been doing a lot of unhindered research into that incident at the Everfree Reactor, and I’ve uncovered some pretty scary things. Scary things that on my eyes and the eyes of my ‘colleagues’ just do not add up. The government officials who are covering this up don’t know that I’ve punched through their firewalls yet, so I don’t have much time before I’m out. This article consists of all the information that the public has every right in the world to know. The general public of Ponykind isn’t as stupid as those bourgeois socialites that make up “the upper class” make us out to be who live in Canterlot and make everything happen. And to all the officials assisting in this coverup, I am asking them to come forward and tell us what really happened. Please. The public has a right to know. The truth needs to come out.


A call is placed from the Everfree Reactor via satellite. The receiver is a pony working at a convenience store in Canterlot.

Clerk: Hello?

Caller: Hello! Uh, who am I speaking to?

Clerk: [censored]

Caller: Okay, uh, could you please call the police or something? Somethings wrong with my phone and I need help.

Clerk: … is this a joke?

Caller: No! Please don’t hang up! The lights just went off and all the machines are spitting out sparks! Please, call the police!

Clerk: Okay okay, where am I sending them to?

Caller: The reactor, the one in Everfree!

Clerk: Where?

Caller: It’s a-… new design. We-… something jamming the upload. Hello?

Clerk: Hello?

Caller: Can you still hear me?

Clerk: Yes! Are you okay?

Caller: I can’t-

The call is terminated from the Caller’s side at 7:17pm.

At exactly 7:20pm, a signal was received by the satellite, CGS-2, which was relaying the cell phone call. The signal ordered the satellite to shut down. The priority on the signal was of the MAXIM-7 protocol, which requires high-level government clearance to encode.

The following is a text document which was recovered from the hard drive of a computer in the office of Dr. Edward [Redacted], a physicist working on the reactor’s containment shield. The document was hidden in the temperature logs of the reactor’s shield:

“08 26 2099 7_30.txt”

Something has gone wrong. I’m writing this because I’m not sure if I’m going to live through tonight. Hopefully, the intruders don’t think to scan the logs.

A few minutes ago, I heard gunshots and an explosion, I think. The lights went out and now we’re under emergency power. The screaming has died down but I’m afraid to leave my office.

I think there’s somepony on the grounds who’s not supposed to be. I don’t know how many there are, my phone isn’t working and I can’t get an internet uplink. Whoever they are, they are extremely sophisticated and have already uploaded a number of viruses into the system.

I’m going to bar the door to the rec room down the way and try to wait them out. If I don’t make it, tell my wife I died thinking of her.


The following is a photo from the night of the incident, taken from a security camera in the recreation room on the second floor.


08 26 2099 7_30 recroom preview
The incredible amount of damage done to the room suggests either a machine or a large group of ponies. The doctor was clearly thrown across the room before being impaled, or perhaps the two actions occurred simultaneously.
The door was also probably cut open by a welding torch or an explosive. As for the damage to the floor… that much is a mystery.

The official personnel count for the Everfree Reactor at the time was 175, counting guests who were touring the facility during the incident. Their names are still hushed by government edict under the Official State Secrets Act. The personnel documents were scrubbed from Justice Department websites one week after being posted on January 19th, 2101, but the internet archive kept a permanent copy.

The casualty reports and coroner’s reports I’ve managed to cobble together account for 168 of the personnel. I’m not releasing the names of the survivors, they’re just as much a victim of the cover up as the public is.


At 9:25pm, the government CELESTIA database was hacked remotely by the same CGS-2 satellite. All records of the intrusion were purged except for a single notification in the kernel buried deep in the administrator archives. All we know is that the intruder was using HotWire, a program used to link cellphones and laptops together to the internet, or satellite in this case.

We don’t know who caused the intrusion or what they wanted. Was it terrorists? Extremists?

At 10:48pm, an electromagnetic pulse erupted from the reactor, frying the circuitry of a remote-controlled drone which was flying nearby at the time. The pulse was not powerful enough to reach the nearby town of Ponyville and cause anything more than the lights to flicker, but this is simply due to the sheer distance between the two.


Official documents indicate the drone stopped transmitting at 10:48 pm. The crashed unit was not recovered until two days later. The documents do not indicate anything about the damage to the unit, but they do make note of something cryptic:

“The unit would have been recovered earlier, but SWAT teams were still doing cleanup on the road due to overturned vehicles nearby.”

What overturned the vehicles has never been disclosed, nor has how many vehicles or the fate of their occupants. Skeptics have frequently responded that there had been a flash flood that washed out a section of the road, but ruined roads don’t overturn trucks.

Finally, there are over six minutes of footage that were sitting, unused, on a portable USB drive which was recovered from the site. The newspapers reported that the EMP pulse destroyed all records of what happened, but this is clearly a lie, as numerous other pieces of evidence were recovered from the reactor afterwards and held in an evidence locker in Canterlot.

Most of the six minutes are empty, but there are segments that are of interest. First, at 1:15, the sound of several distant explosions can be heard. The hoof-mounted camera that was recording had its lens cap on at the time.

At 3:07, the lens cap falls off when the camera is dropped to the floor. The sound of a pony running the other direction can be heard.

At 5:43, something enters the room, briefly flashing its shadow across the wall the camera is facing. The camera’s photo is too blurry to make out anything distinct, but the sound of hoofsteps can be heard passing the camera.

At 5:56, the sound of metal crunching is heard and the camera ceases recording.

The sounds at the end of the video are not hoofsteps made by a pony. They are clearly metal echoing as it walks across metal. As far as I know, there was no technology at the time which was capable of completely emulating a pony’s walking cycle, as that technology was invented during the second world war.

If that’s not a pony, then what is it? Once again, this is an open call. The public has a right to know. Government coverups are an offense against all of us. Not only that, but they’re an insult to our intelligence and a personal attack on our way of life.