Equestrian Geological Survey, Meet Your New Best Friend

Photonic "Changeling" Wave-Miner Spec Sheet

“This is one of the very early blueprints. It’s amazing how the design changes from start to finish, isn’t it?” – Jay

Product Name: Photonic “Changeling” Wave-Miner

Serial Number: 11876701

Ask any mining worker what the biggest problem is when mining for a rare mineral, and they will tell you that it’s the threat of a collapse. Cave-ins have claimed more than 200 lives in the last three years alone, and nothing can replace those lost to such tragedies. The ERI, however, does not believe that accidents are inevitable.

Collapses are due to losses of structural integrity in the surrounding rock layers, or due to tectonic shifting along fault lines. In both cases, the sudden crushing motion of the rock will destroy nearly anything, robotic or otherwise. Due to the precarious nature of underground mining, collapses are nearly impossible to avoid, accepted in the trade as a part of life. Until now.

Thanks to our advances in electromagnetic theory, the ERI is proud to present a solution to this previously unsolvable problem. Over short distances, the Photonic Wave-Miners are capable of passing through literally solid matter, emerging whole on the other side.

Sound unbelievable? It isn’t. The Wave-Miners merely pass through the space that is not occupied, as 99% of the atom is actually empty, but surrounded by powerful negative electrical barriers. The Wave-Miners can temporarily disable these barriers within short ranges (1-3 microns) and travel through them.

While it is an incredible scientific advancement, it is still a long way from being ready for civilian use. The ERI’s top-of-the-line Photonic Wave-Miners, however, will be saving lives every day, both by rescuing trapped miners and by preventing miners from being in dangerous cavities prone to collapse. The ‘Small-Footprint’ surveillance models are expected to even collect limited data from rock layers, making exploration faster and less costly than conventional drilling.

One of the many unexpected side-effects of photonic manipulations in test trials has been the “Shape-Shifting” properties of the Wave-Miners. Indeed, because they can organize their electromagnetic fields over short distances, they can change their appearance at will. While this does not have practical effects in field testing, the ERI is actively investigating this holographic property for entertainment and communication purposes.

Our industries are paramount to Equestrian society as we know it. The ERI is committed to the safety and well-being of workers and ponies everywhere. We hope that the technologies developed here can bring ponykind to a newer, safer, future, for all to share in.