Artificial foliage throughout Equestria


Product Name: Varies, typically “Artificial Land Foliage”

Serial Number: 11877000-11877200

After a change in a region’s biome, be it for natural reasons like land subsidence, geological activity, or river course change, or for non-natural activity like excessive pollution or development, nature will typically respond in a specific set of four steps. The first of these is small plants taking over, commonly known as weeds to many gardeners. These weeds require very little nutrition and sunlight to survive, and are fairly tolerant of extreme conditions. In many cases they can survive on sand or in the gaps in a sidewalk. The weeds, known as “first-order reclaimers” will pave the way for larger and larger plants to turn the rock into soil that other creatures need to survive.

Unfortunately, this process can take decades or centuries, and we did the damage in weeks and months. The ERI seeks to cure this inequality and help nature to help us. The natural world around us needs to be taken care of, and we’re doing it with this new product.

A wide range of different models of synthetic plant-life have been created to aid in the reclaimation work in various biomes. Many of these machines were designed to target specific toxins, such as model NRR117, a tree-like machine that siphons radioactive waste out of groundwater and uses it to power a simple Thorium reactor, providing clean energy and even cleaner water for wild animals to live off of. Vines, grasses, even a few varieties of seaweed have been designed to make up for the mistakes made by our zealous forebears. The machines are designed to blend with the rest of the biota in a given ecosystem while still being distinct enough that passing wildlife will not accidentally munch on them, and will eventually be removed by work crews once the toxins have been removed and nature can handle the rest.

Thanks to the ERI, vast territories of Equestria once deemed to be completely uninhabitable will soon be as pristine as any nature preserve, and endangered species will finally have a fighting chance against the encroachment of civilization. It is merely one of many parts of the ERI’s ongoing commitment to preserving nature for everypony, and for nature itself.