A Personal Recount by Dr. T. Light

Greetings everypony.

Many of you know of me as the founder and Director of Equestrian Robotics. In this, I strive to maintain transparency about myself and within the company.

It’s not a big secret that I was personally involved in the so-called ‘Nightmare Moon’ incident in 2099. The tabloids were all over it, and I’ve gotten far more than my fair share of questions from nosy reporters about the debacle. Of course, now anypony can read about it in the public archives.

What happened then was a tragedy. What I saw, though, was potential. Amidst the carnage I saw an incredible power. Luna’s A.I. had, obviously, turned to destruction at the time. But I’ve never been one to conform to convention. All I could ask myself, in the weeks afterwards, was “What if her abilities had been used for good? What if ‘Nightmare Moon’ had wanted to save the world?”

I will admit I had been involved in some less-than-legal activities when I was younger. Everypony can say the same, and if they cannot, what sort of foalhood did they have? The only difference between us was that my unsavoury activities were at least somewhat ideological. I consider what happened back then in the forest, in the face of near disaster, to be my wake up call. I found my purpose in life during that fiasco. In the same stroke, I found my lifelong friends.

The ERI is merely the largest and most prominant part of what I wanted to do in the world. I’ve been a big campaign contributor to the Carnation Party here in Equestria, even after Pinkie Pie stepped down as its president. I made sure the ERI’s bylaws contained clauses specifying contributions of our profits to environmentalist charities, knowing full well what I could do was limited to what I knew. I will say, as well, that it felt good to be able to come to work every day knowing I had made a difference, no matter how small.

I like to think that the Zero project, on which I wrote many a research paper and have received many accolades, was the answer to the question I had asked myself all those years ago. I also would like to think that I’ve done enough and thank all those who have helped me achieve all that I have, but there is always more to do. What I’m trying to say is, I think, that intelligence is no more a curse than it is a gift, it simply is.

Director and friend to all,

Dr. T. Light.