Z-ARC Systems Resurfacing Unit “Ice Clider”

Product Name: Z-ARC Systems Resurfacing Unit “Ice Clider” Serial Number: 11879019 What costs 20,000 bits and burns fossil fuels so we can play Hockey? If you answered with “Zamponi” then you’re probably a Hockey enthusiast, or maybe just a fan … Continued

Everfree After-Action Reports

I am not affiliated with ERI in any sense of the matter. But I have been tracking Light’s investigation into the Everfree events, and even she can’t escape her bindings. Therefore, over the past couple days, I’ve been doing a … Continued

Project: New Moon – FOIA Dump

Before I got my start in the ERI, I was involved in a student activist committee which believed in the free flow of information. For some reason, Doc really wanted me to post this. It’s an email conversation which we … Continued

Thin. Light. Safe. A New Way to Read.

This week we’ll have a short break from the Everfree series while Dr. Light does some digging. But the newspapers got our attention in another way even before the last article. And that’s how we came up with something revolutionary. … Continued

A Preface to the Everfree Tragedy

Recently, I stumbled across some very old newspapers. Instead of throwing them out, I felt a history lesson was in order. These excerpts represent the perceived wonder that was to be the Everfree Reactor during it’s construction. This was just … Continued

Windigoes and You!

Product Name: Windigoes™ (Cryogenic Atmosphere Reclaimers) Serial Number: 11876703 Early in the 22nd century, Equestria’s climate began taking a turn for the worse. While experts argue back and forth, they unite around the fact that the sources are primarily artificial. … Continued

Artificial foliage throughout Equestria

Product Name: Varies, typically “Artificial Land Foliage” Serial Number: 11877000-11877200 After a change in a region’s biome, be it for natural reasons like land subsidence, geological activity, or river course change, or for non-natural activity like excessive pollution or development, … Continued

Gravity Tethers, Just How Do They Work?

“Despite my best efforts, I have found that the forces that drive our world cannot be abolished. Fortunately there are workarounds and ways to make it look like they’ve been abolished. Such is the magic of science.” – Thunder Strike … Continued